Noise Rock from Örebro, Sweden.

"Killer band" -John Hawkins (Crust)


"Best live performance of 2015" - Slavestate Magazine


Formed in 2011 by Ida Andersson-Norrie, Jens Hellman, Peter Lindström and Tobias Eriksson. Light Screamer made their live debut at the Live at Heart festival in Örebro the same year and has been playing at the festival every year since. In March 2013, Light Screamer played three highly acclaimed shows during the SXSW festival in Austin, TX which resulted in a record deal with local indie label Australian Cattle God Records. 2014 saw Light Screamer return to Austin for two shows, one of which was said to be the best show at SXSW, and in 2015 Slavestate Magazine's Lars Ekenryd named one of Light Screamer's shows "best live performance of the year".

"Yeah, go see them if you can, they are freakin' awesome live!" -Kevin Triplett (Director of the music documentary "Blaze Foley: Duct Tape Messiah")

Digital single release out now!

Released on July 1, 2015, the digital single release "Multiple / Drive" features two new tracks recorded during an afternoon in March 2014 at King Burns Hit Ranch, Austin, Texas. The first song, "Multiple" is a dark and twisted rocker that has been a steady part of the live set for quite a while. Featuring three out of four members on vocals, "Multiple" is three and a half minutes of pure Light Screamer attitude. Clocking in at almost ten minutes, "Drive" on the other hand is a semi-improvised jam that, while still retaining attitude, takes on a more dreamy approach. The songs were recorded and mixed by Cris Burns at King Burns Hit Ranch and mastered by Manuel Veniani at Absolute Sound, Milan, Italy.

7" vinyl out now!

"Staggeringly good" (4/5) - Slavestate Magazine

"As uncompromisingly good as always" (8/10) - Ö

"Think Sonic Youth in cahoots with Brainbombs" (7/10) -

The hand-numbered 7" vinyl, "BFJ", with all unique and reused covers, limited to 300 copies is available in the store. Released by Nominata Records, the 7" features the title track "BFJ" by Light Screamer and a cover of "Sugary", written by legendary noise rockers Cherubs. The songs were recorded more or less live (sans vocals) by Jason Morales in his analog studio The BBQ Shack in Austin, TX in March 2013. Also available digitally as the "BFJ E.P.", including two additional remixes. Listen to the whole 4-song EP in the "Music" section.

Debut album "Gauss" out now!

"It just continues to grow" (8/10) - Ö

"I'm completely sold" (8/10) -

Released by american label Australian Cattle God Records, the debut album "Gauss" is available now on beautiful white vinyl and as a digital download or through streaming. Artwork by Win Wallace ( You can order the vinyl online through our store.

Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers), on working on "Gauss":

"I remember the day I discovered little chili peppers growing in my yard. The peppers looked like little red gum balls, so I ate one and it made me cry. Then I rubbed my eyes, and the chili was in my eyes. Just when it couldn't get worse, I went to pee and got it on my wiener. I still like chili peppers."

"Gauss" consists of 40 minutes of continuous music. It starts and ends with the sound of the earth’s magnetic field and in between it presents a journey in sound. The album is produced by Light Screamer and mastered by Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers) at Preacher Mon, Austin, TX.

"I can't figure out how music works these days, but if this album had come out in the 80's when I was collecting records, and I, of course, didn't know who the hell [Light Screamer] were, I'm pretty sure I would still have this record in my collection." -Brett Bradford (Scratch Acid)